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Temat: BWMeter 2.3.0
BWMeter is a powerful bandwidth meter, monitor and traffic controller, which measures, displays and controls all traffic to/from your computer or on your network. Unlike other products, it can analyze the data packets (where they come from, where they go, which port and protocol they use). This makes it possible to distinguish between local and internet traffic for example. BWMeter can also be used for traffic control by setting a speed limit for all kinds of connections or restricting access to certain internet sites. It creates statistics for all computers in your network, measuring and displaying all LAN traffic as well as download / upload from the internet. You can even define filters which show your transfer with certain internet addresses (e.g. to see how much data you download from your favorite news server). BWMeter is ideal for home users to get an overview of how much bandwidth they use, as well as small to large businesses, where one computer can control the traffic and maintain the statistics of downloaded / uploaded data of all computers in the network. The product is easy to configure and offers a rich set of options and features for beginners as well as experts and network administrators.

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Temat: Sprawdź Swój Transfer
Sprawdź Swój Transfer
Moje dane:
Your current bandwidth reading is: 105.20kbps
which means you can download at 13.15 KB/sec. from our servers.
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Temat: Several questions about APPro on WL-1120
Thanks for the reply... here is my reaction:

4. I tried to setup bandwidth limit to i.e. 1024kbps, but if I measured it after, the speed was corresponding only to 750 kbps... So I set the limit to 1280 in AP and than I measured somethig like 1024kbps. Do you understand now? :-) I measured it via some internet speed meters like dsl.cz or by simply file copy through the AP.
6. Now I do not uderstand what you mean? How to block connections to port 80 from wlan*? And what about port redirect you mentioned?
7. I am using AP in AccessPoint mode, so I can see users's MAC, but iportant is: If I set to some IP bandwidth 128kbps, that this user canot simply change his IP to another which has higher bandwidth. All my users are on wlan* side.
1. you do not know? :-)

The rest is clear, thanks a lot,
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Temat: NetWorx 5.1.1

NetWorx is a powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth situation. You can use it to collect bandwidth usage data and measure the speed of your Internet or any other network connection. NetWorx can help you identify possible sources of network problems, ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limits specified by your ISP, or track down suspicious network activity characteristic of Trojan horses and hacker attacks.

Key Features:
- Clear graphic and/or numeric display.
- Usage reports with export to a variety of file formats, including Excel, MS Word and HTML.
- Permits close supervision of uploads and downloads.
- Works with dial-up, ISDN, cable modems, ADSL, Ethernet cards, and more.
- Includes network information & testing tools with advanced netstat that displays applications using your Internet connection.
- Scalable to your own modem download capabilities.
- Option to notify user or disconnect from the Internet automatically when network activity exceeds a certain level.
- Speed meter to accurately time downloads and report the average transfer rates.
- Dial-up session journal with detailed information about every session.
- Absolutely free and does not contain any adware/spyware/malware.

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Temat: Bluetooth - jaki jest naprawdę.

Sieci komórkowe i bezprzewodowe

* UMTS/HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz)
* GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
* Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
* Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

EDR (z ang. Enhanced Data Rate) to funkcja zwiększająca szybkość transmisji w urządzeniach z Bluetoothem 2.0. Co prawda zasięg spada do 10 metrów, lecz prędkość przesyłu danych wzrasta nawet do 3 Mbit/s.
Bluetooth 2.0

This version of the Bluetooth specification was released on November 10, 2004. It is backward-compatible with the previous version 1.1. The main difference is the introduction of an Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) for faster data transfer. The nominal rate of EDR is about 3 megabits per second, although the practical data transfer rate is 2.1 megabits per second.[8] The additional throughput is obtained by using a different radio technology for transmission of the data. Standard, or Basic Rate, transmission uses Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK) modulation of the radio signal; EDR uses a combination of GFSK and Phase Shift Keying (PSK) modulation.[9]

According to the 2.0 specification, EDR provides the following benefits:

* Three times faster transmission speed — up to 10 times (2.1 Mbit/s) in some cases.
* Reduced complexity of multiple simultaneous connections due to additional bandwidth.
* Lower power consumption through a reduced duty cycle.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) published the specification as "Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR" which implies that EDR is an optional feature. Aside from EDR, there are other minor improvements to the 2.0 specification, and products may claim compliance to "Bluetooth 2.0" without supporting the higher data rate. At least one commercial device, the HTC TyTN Pocket PC phone, states "Bluetooth 2.0 without EDR" on its data sheet.[10]

W praktyce okazuje się, że Bluetooth w iPhone nie przyda się użytkownikowi do niczego więcej poza używaniem słuchawki (nie mylić ze słuchawkami) do prowadzenia rozmów. Oczywiście, nawet słuchawka Bluetooth nie jest gwarancją, że iPhone zechce z nią pracować. Jest pod tym względem bardzo kapryśny.

Możemy zapomnieć o:
- Przesyłaniu danych przez Bluetooth między innymi urządzeniami.
- Udostępnianie internetu dla komputera poprzez Bluetooth.
- Słuchanie muzyki na bezprzewodowych słuchawkach.

Brak możliwości przesyłania plików przez Bluetooth jest po prostu jednym z wielu ograniczeń, w które "hurtowo" wyposażono iPhone. Polityka Apple jest niezwykle restrykcyjna, a wielu "zwolenników" tłumaczy ułomność Bluetooth, jako zabezpieczenie przed wymianą nielegalnych danych - w tym MP3.
Oczywiście, tłumaczenie takowe jest bzdurą, gdyż każdy - legalny i nielegalny utwór MP3 można przesłać do iPhone przez iTunes.
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Temat: Capturix NETWorks 2007 v5.03.172
Capturix NETWorks 2007 v5.03.172 | 6.04 Mb

Capturix NETWorks is a network utility software that allows you to test and diagnose all common problems from any network. It brings a group of very useful tools such as System Information that can show all information related with a specific network card or connection, Speed Meter, Route Information, IP config, Send Mail, Port Scanner with port description that have thousands of Trojans port information and almost all protocols used for each port, Trace Route, Ping, command Tester, HTTP server, DNS Lookup and a worldwide WHOis client. Capturix NETWorks includes a Packet Sniffer to help you trace the packets that are transfered in the network some decreasing the bandwidth of the network and performance of the communications.


- NETWorks is a network utility software that ables you to test and diagnose all common problems from any network:
- System Information can show all information related with a specific network card or connection.
- Speed Meter is a bandwidth measure tool that ables you to see if your network is overloaded,
- Route information displays all addresses that your computer is connected.
- IP config releases and renew a IP address from a network card based on DHCP server.
- Send Mail performs a test to a SMTP server by sending a e-mail through a server, Listener is a feature that ables you to simulate a server by staying listening to a specific port (you can send data at any time).
- Port scanner consists of sending a message to each port, one at a time. The kind of response received indicates whether the port is used and can therefore be probed for weakness
- Trace Route Trace Route, its a useful utility that traces the route of the information traveling form the host computer to the remote destination. This will allow you to pinpoint where the information is getting stuck or slowing down.
- Ping Short for Packet Internet Groper, a utility to determine whether a specific IP address is accessible. It works by sending a packet to the specified address and waiting for a reply. PING is used primarily to troubleshoot Internet connections.
- Command Tester ables you to perform a terminal tests to enter on a ANSI server like services, you can use to see if a computer responds to commands.
- HTTP Server this features allows you to check for the server version of a specific web server, this also returns a HTTP header from the server.
- DNS Lookup ables you to get a IP address from a host name or a host name from a IP address.
- WhoIs An Internet utility that returns information about a domain name or IP address. For example, if you enter a domain name such as NETWorks.com, whois will return the name and address of the domain's owner (in this case, Capturix Software Technologies). This application can make WhoIs for all domains available worldwide.
- Exploit Technique by which a vulnerability is used in the pursuit or achievement of some information assurance objective. It is common speech in this field to use the terms exploit and exploit script to refer to any mechanism, not just scripts, that uses a vulnerability. There are some requests that can break a web server.
- Bandwidth Log Technique used to analyse the network usage, this feature allows you to know which period of the day that have more network usage.
- Connection Watcher software that ables you to monitor all current connections made by the computer or atempted from outside.
- IP Calculator This calculator will calculate what subnet mask to use to get the required number of networks or nodes.

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